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keeping it clean and minimalist, that's my style.
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Arihime* the little mermaid by desmondlogan
Arihime* the little mermaid
Surfing around the web i noticed that i'm not the only person that thought in this crossover before, but i like to think that i'm the first who gave it a proper name I am a dummy! 
Saying that, i have to admit that the little mermaid is one of my favorite movies of disney, i like it because among so many things that i like about it is that is the last hand colored production of disney animations, the hidden symbology in the movie like that Maria Magdalena painting in the hideout of Ariel… (the info of the actual painting here:…)
and i like redheaded women Heart 
If the pose of the arms seems strange is because i used this great art of Orihime-chan as a model in some form….
and now that i think of it, it's funny how the only thing "little" in orihime is her heightIf You Know What I Mean

*in case you're wondering "Arihime"? Orihime+Ariel= Arihime (i know is not the most original name but still), and "Hime" means Princess in japaneses and Ariel is the daughter of a King :| (Blank Stare)
The infamous Captain Squidward Kenway by desmondlogan
The infamous Captain Squidward Kenway
ok since i started to play ACIV Black Flags i had this crossover stuck in my mind, and i couldn't rest ok till it was done in paper.Wink/Razz
hope you'll enjoy it, and if it becomes popular (something i doubt:| (Blank Stare) ) i will apply color to it . ;)

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otnesse Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
Hey, desmond?

Since you're a fan of Tina, I want to suggest something. Whatever you do, don't read 666RevoEmag's "Game Over 3: Kraken Attack." Things don't exactly end very well for her, to say the very least (let's just say that after being forced off her boat by the Kraken while she and Lisa were doing nude sunbathing, losing Lisa in the process, she has a one-ticket encounter with a Neptune from Resident Evil).
desmondlogan Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm not much of a fan fiction reader, so i won't read it anyways, but thanks for the advice.
otnesse Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
You're welcome. I'm not sure if "fan fiction" is necessarily what I was thinking of. More like picture book, I guess. Anyways, I'll give you a link/picture to one of the "pages" so to speak of this story (and since she's obviously naked, I'm a bit uncomfortable with issuing an image if it's uncensored in the post after I post it [I use hidden option, though if for some reason I access the image, I generally use my hand to block it, you know, to avoid sin.]), both to give you an idea as to the format of the story, and ESPECIALLY to make very apparent the reason why you shouldn't read the story:

23 by 666RevoEmag

(source: 23)

If Tina was ever wondering how Chrissie Watkins from Jaws must have felt in the final moments of her life, she most certainly will know now. This is the third-to-last page, BTW, so it's pretty obvious what her fate's going to be, and it's certainly not a good one. 666RevoEmag generally has a lot of violence in his stories, including graphic deaths (though this one is surprisingly bloodless, considering it just gulps her down whole instead of chewing on her).

And in case you're wondering why Tina's skinnydipping, like I said, she had no choice. The Kraken forced her off the yacht (and by "forced," I mean it grabbed her and threw her overboard and then proceeded to sink the yacht with its girth). Lisa wasn't so lucky, as she was crushed in the Kraken's grasp (she got nabbed while unconscious from the Kraken swiping her just after she discovered it). They originally were going to do nude sunbathing, but then things happened obviously. She was in fact fleeing the ship when this happened (and also mourning for her friend and blaming herself for Lisa's death, apparently Tina dragged Lisa into going to that location in the first place.).
ZeroReyko Featured By Owner Edited Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey men recuerdas todo lo que hablamos sobre el Dead or Alive 5 ultimate y como falta el señor Itagaki? te paso esta noticia que solo tiene semanas.  Si es que no la conoces te dejo link y te adelanto: ojala si tome cartas en el asunto este señor.…
desmondlogan Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
si vi esa noticia el dia que salio, y me emociono un poco saber que Itagaki este planeando hacer algo al respecto, aunque dudo que regrese a Tecmo estaria bien que hicieria un nuevo juego de peleas o algo asi, con el colmillo que ya tiene seguro destrozaria por completo al DOA5 me gustaria que se aliara de nuevo con Microsoft para producirlo para tener mas joyas como DOA ultimate, DOA3 y DOA 4 :)
tambien hace poco dijo que le repugnaba la forma en que ya abusan del fan service en el juego de peleas y que por eso antes hacia los xtreme beach volleyballs para cubrir ese aspecto, realmente espero e Itagaki nos sorprenda a todos los fan veteranos de sus juegos :)
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